"Obamacare" & What it Means for You in 2014

Individual and Group Medical Insurance

Beginning in on January 1st, 2014, President Obama's Affordable Care Act, ACA, also known as Obama Care, will change the landscape of the health insurance industry. That means insurance carriers cannot decline coverage to any U.S. citizen and will not base one's premiums on any pre-existing conditions. It also means the plans you're familiar with will change drastically and the doctors you're used to seeing may not be covered under your plan.

Because the Individual Mandate states everyone is required to have health insurance that meets the minimum essential coverage or they will pay a fine, we have made it a priority to help individuals and businesses alike understand their options. At Stacy Hering Astor & Associates, not only can we help you learn how the new Affordable Care Act works, we are certified to get you the best rates through CoveredCA, SHOP, or directly through the most competitive insurance carriers, just as we have done for twenty years.


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